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About the MBA


The Massachusetts Bowhunters Association was established in 1978 when a group of passionate archery hunters pulled together to further their sport. Now, over 30 years later the MBA has taken an active role in the Massachusetts archery community.   The primary goal of the MBA is to further the sport of archery hunting. Through legislative action, public awareness, and a show of numbers, we have the ability to make change. 

Together we can make it happen


The MBA has contributed to many of the important changes in Massachusetts legislation, including the Two Deer Season, The Hunter Harassment Bill, legalizing expandable broad-heads, the use of a release aid, and the extension of the archery and muzzle-loader seasons. Sunday hunting, baiting bear, shorter distance requirements? Who knows what we can achieve in the new day! 

There is power in numbers


 Why Join? As a member, not only can you expect moral satisfaction for helping to further your sport, you can enjoy many other benefits.  Our Annual Banquet & Awards, group hunts, archery competitions, the Pig Roast, posting of member stories & photos, and more. Show your pride with an logo T-shirt or hat. Proudly display the MBA decal (Free with your membership). As Fred Bear once said "If you are not working to protect hunting, then you are working to destroy it." 

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