There are many reasons to join the MBA.

  1. You are joining a strength in numbers force who have helped pass the Anti-Hunter Harassment Bill, the 2 Deer Season, the release bill, the multiple tag doe permits, extending the season from one of the shortest to one of the longest bow seasons in the country.
  2. Usable, friendly, statewide website with chat-room links to preferred outfitters archery shops and other archery related products and supplies.
  3. An annual banquet with guest speakers, raffles and auctions of 1,000’s of dollars for hunting and archery related gear.
  4. Club organized hunts spring bear fall deer and even our famous annual BUNNY hunt.
  5. Sponsored shoots at various clubs throughout the state.
  6. Jamborees, monthly meetings, stories posted on our website for members by members to enjoy.
  7. Camaraderie with people who have made archery and bow-hunting their life, some for as many as 50+ years.
  8. Annual big game awards: Biggest in-state & Biggest out-of-state deer Biggest P&Y Deer, Biggest P&Y Bear and the Annual Harvest Awards.

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