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New issues available of Bear Hunters Online & Deer Hunters Online

Posted by president on August 27th, 2014

Go to the “Reading & Pix” tab and choose Bear Hunters Online or Deer Hunters Online, or just click on the links. Visit and “like” the online magazines on Facebook.
Bear Hunters Online can be found here:
Deer Hunters Online can be found here:

Read some of the following articles:
Bear Hunters Online:
BEARS, BEARS AND MORE BEARS by Ted Nugent. Why the Rock Star loves to hunt bears. Go pages 8-11.
HOUNDS ‘N BEARS by Max Prasac. You have a bear up a tree. What now? Go to pages. 14-19.
THE STORY OF SOLO by Richard P. Smith. The controversial life of a female bear that was eventually moved to the Oswald Bear Ranch in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Go to pages 24-27.
CHOOSING A SPECIFIC BAIT LOCATION by Bernie Barringer. Excerpt from author’s new book. Go to pages 30-37.
RETURN OF THE LARAMIE KID by F.W. Demara for Guns of the Old West Magazine. Book Review for new exciting western novel. Go to page 41.
AFTER THE SHOT by Nick Trehearne. What to do after you tag your bear. Go to pages 46-53.
WHAT BEAR HUNTERS ARE UP AGAINST by Steve Sorensen. Three strategies for winning the PR battle. Go to pages 58-65.
HUNTING VEHICLES by William Clunie. What to look for in a new truck. Go to pages 68-69.
GUNS & OPTICS FOR BEAR HUNTERS by Ed Hall. Selecting and installing your scope mount. Go to pages 72-75.
BACK WOODS BRUINS by Bill Vaznis. Paddle deep into the wilderness for trophy bruins. Go to page 89-129.
BLUEBERRY BEARS by Matt Consenzo. A summer recipe for bear. Go to pages 102-103.
OINKERS IN THE OAK TREES by Gary Lewis. A hog wild tale of hog hunting. Go to pages 118-124.

Deer Hunters Online:
THE CASE OF THE MISSING FUNNEL by Brad Herndon. Using topographical features to ambush bucks on public property. Go to page 8.
TIPS FOR PLANNING YOUR DEER HUNTING TRIP by Hadley Creek Outfitters. How to plan ahead, choose a location and more. Go to page 22.
BIG WOODS BUCKS by Bill Vaznis. Five ambush spots guaranteed to get you a bow shot at a wilderness buck. Go to page 24.
THE IDEAL SCENT FREE HUNTERS by Jason Herbert. Solid tips on how to stay scent-free. Go to page 42.
BOW TUNING FOR WHITETAILS by Lon E. Lauber. Bow tuning tips from one the nation’s top bowhunters. Go to page 50.
MUZZLELOADING: MODERN OR TRADITIONAL by Toby Bridges. Bridges builds a case for both approaches to hunting deer with black powder. Go to page 58.
WASHINGTON BIG GAME HUNER LOOKING FOR FILM CREW. Deer, Moose and Bear adventure. Go to page 73.
STILL-HUNTING TROPHY WHITETAILS by Bill Vaznis. Secrets to taking bucks from ground zero. Go to page 76.
SIX QUICK STEPS FOR TREESTAND PLACEMENT from The Game Keepers at Mossy Oak. Solid tips on playing the wind, using cover, position of the sun and more. Go to page 92
LOBO WATCH by Toby Bridges. Sportsmen taking care of predator problems. Bridges is a leading expert on wolf predation. Go to page 98.
BOWHUNTING PIONEER ROY CASE. A video sent to us from Ted Nugent. Go to page 113.

New Jersey Hunt – Jan. 14-18

Posted by president on August 8th, 2014

Ground Pounders,

These are the dates for January’s New Jersey hunt: 4 nights starting Wednesday January 14, hunting Jan 15th 16th and 17th, and leaving Sunday January 18th. We have seen more deer the last two years than we have seen in the previous 10 years. Since they started bear hunting 5 years ago it seems the numbers of deer have increased.

The cabin (Appalachian Mountain Club) sleeps 18 in beds and we can probably put a few up in cots in the main room if needed. It has a central kitchen and sitting room where we can hang out together, play cards and just have a good time and it’s clean. The cost depends on how many guys go. Last year it was +/- $1040 divided by the number of guys in attendance so it ran around $100/man. We cook our own food so that saves money and we get to goof off together. Respond early so we have a count and we can work out what the deposit will be.

My home phone is (781) 828-9879 if anyone wants to get in touch with me.

Danny Teague

Pope & Young Youth Hunt Give-a-Way

Posted by president on July 24th, 2014

In January of 2012, the Pope & Young Club started a new Youth Membership! They are excited to be able to share our love of bowhunting with Youth around North America. One of the best parts of P&Y Youth Membership – it’s only $10!

Youth Membership Benefits:
Youth Membership Card, Youth Membership Certificate, Receive the Club’s magazine, The P&Y Ethic, Journal of the Pope & Young Club, quarterly, Special Offers for P&Y Youth Members Only, including a $10 off coupon from Hunter Safety Systems, Access to the P&Y Website’s Member’s Only Area, Access to the P&Y Youth Website Member’s Only Area, Complimentary subscription to Bowhunting World magazine

From now to September 2, 2014, the Pope & Young Club is conducting a Youth Membership Drive. On September 2, 2014, they will draw a name from their Youth Membership rolls, and that lucky young person will win a 5-day fully guided bowhunt for whitetail deer in west central Illinois with Greg Guerrieri of Mid-West Trophy Outfitters! Click the link below to see the flyer.