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GO TO CAMP ON US! The MBA will be sponsoring 2 Junior Conservation Campers for 2014.

Posted by president on April 17th, 2014

The Massachusetts Bowhunters Association will be sponsoring 2 young adults this year for the 2014 summer JUNIOR CONSERVATION CAMP. The camp is open to all youths ages 13-17 and will be held August 3-15, 2014 at the Chesterfield Scout Reservation near Scout Pond in Chesterfield, MA. The camp is a unique experience offering a balanced program of conservation, education and instruction in outdoor recreation activities. The camp’s program introduces young adults to the ethical concepts and knowledge essential to a lifetime of properly enjoying our natural resources and the leisure activities that depend on their careful stewardship.

Any interested youth, age 13-17, needs to write a letter to the MBA letting us know why you want to go to camp. From these letters, we will select 1 young man and 1 young woman to go to camp. Simple as that! Be sure to include your name, mailing address, age and phone number with your letter so you can be contacted when selection is done.

Mail letters BY MAY 15, 2014 to:
JCC Committee
Massachusetts Bowhunters Association
PO Box 1789
Sagamore Beach, MA 02562

For more information about the camp, visit:

*All personal information which is communicated to us (name, address, phone number, etc) is strictly confidential and is NEVER shared with any third party.

MA Hunter Education Courses & How to Enroll – 2014

Posted by president on April 17th, 2014

Contact the Hunter Education Office at 978-772-0693 or

The MassWildlife Hunter Education Program offers courses each year across the state from January through October and tries to offer different formats to meet the public’s needs. Course announcements are online and update on a regular basis.

Many people fail to consider enrolling in a course until the weather turns cool in late September. Unfortunately by that time, most courses have either begun or are full and the opportunity to hunt during the fall may disappear. Basic Hunter Education Courses are scheduled across the state by volunteer instructors through much of the calendar year, including the summer, but most are offered in the spring and early fall.

You may know that Basic Hunter Education Course schedules are posted and regularly updated on the DFW website at What you may not know is that there is a way to be notified about upcoming courses before they are posted on the website.

If you want to be notified about a course, go to the Hunter Education website and fill out the form at this link: Click on and fill out the form with your contact information for notification in advance about a Basic Hunter Education Course scheduled in your area and the dates. You will be instructed to contact the Hunter Education Program to enroll in that class. You should act quickly if you want to beat the enrolling rush that occurs once the course is posted on the website.

If you don’t have email, a computer, or access to the internet, you can also call the Hunter Education Program office in Ayer at 978-772-0693 and ask to be notified of the next Basic course scheduled near you.

What if you enrolled in a course and then something prevents you from taking the course? In consideration of others who want to take a course, please notify the Hunter Education office that you are unable to participate. There is always a waiting list and it’s important to let others know that space is available.

March/April Issue of Bear Hunters Online Magazine Available

Posted by president on April 17th, 2014

The live link to free access to the magazine is:

Massachusetts Bowhunters Association is mentioned on page 103!

Guide to Quebec’s Trophy Bruins….see ad on pages 8-9.

Guide to Newfoundland/Labrador’s Trophy Bruins…see ad on page 14.


“After the Shot” by Bill Vaznis on page18. Tips on blood trailing bruins after dark.

“Three Books and a Ton of Bears” …by Jeff Grab on page 20. An adventure story about 3 P&Y bruins.

“Pick a Color” by Mike Bleech on page 32. Where to go for color phase bears.

“Black Bear Eye to Eye” by Bill Vaznis on page 38. Wounded bear chases author.

“A Bear for the Maine Record Books” by Mike Bleech on page 38. Bleech rifles a book bruin in Maine.

“Bait Dominators” by John Trout, Jr. on page 70. How to hunt dominant bears over bait.

“Tracking Systems” by Max Prasac on page 10. Keeping track of your bear dogs.

“Brenda’s Bear” by S.L. Merriam on page 88. The last of a three part series on dogging bears.

“Double Up on Bomber Bruins” by Jeff Hammer on page 116. An Alberta dream hunt come true.

“The Legend of Three Toes” by Bill Vaznis on page 126. Big bears never come easy.

“Good Reads” on pages 22-26. Reviews of four books worth reading.

“Success in the Field” on pages 120-124. Photos of bears and hogs taken by our readers.


“Tracking Systems” by Max Prasac on page 10. Radio Telemetry and GPS tracking systems for dogs.

“Handloading for Bears: Handguns and Houndsmen” by Ed Hall on page 52. Why handguns are preferred for dogging bruins.

“Taxidermy Tips” by Steve Hipson on page 62. Read this before your next bear hunt.

“Hunting Vehicles” by William Clunie on page 78. Using ATV trailers to haul your bear back to camp.


“Long Range Boar Buster: S&W’s .460 XVR: by Max Prasac on page 134. “Why this handgun should be in your arsenal.

HOG PRODUCTS AND HOG NEWS…see pages 140 to 151.

HOGS IN THE KITCHENl “SKEWERED PIG” by Matt Cosenzo on page 152….Mmm good recipe for wild pork!