Washington Girl Gets a Wallhanger


by Monica Jennen as told to Boomer Hayden

That’s the news from the northwest bow hunting world. Monica Jennen scores big on a unicorn buck. Trail cams are her secret, and she says you need lots of them. “You cannot shoot a big buck if there is not one there”, says Monica. “It’s a lot of prep work and I guess I could just pick a spot that looks good and hope for the best…. Or I can set out a camera in a lot of spots and know what I’m hunting.” ‘Well, aren’t these cameras expensive?’ you may ask. The cost for 10 is less that one big game hunt and I can hunt when I am not in the woods.


Monica Says “I run a convenience store so my woods time is limited at best. I raise two grandchildren so I can only hunt local and that time is borrowed. So when I set up, if I am serious about a big buck: 1.) I want to know he is there and 2.) I want to know he’s there consistently. “I like to hunt the pre-rut because the deer are predictable. They do not wander far from their bedding area and can be patterned. “I got some really good pictures on my trail cam of a buck we nicknamed ‘the unicorn’ because he had a third distinct main beam that shot out almost exactly between his eye guards. I decided to hunt him.”


Here’s Monica continuing her story: My husband Brian is a whitetail guide and many times we hunt together out of the same tree. On this particular evening, September 12, we chose two Summit Climbers. We like the Summit Climbers because they are so safe and easy to use. Besides, I like to sit for a long time so comfort is very important as well; they are the most comfortable. We like to get up 22 feet or more in a tree. I find the deer cannot see or smell me that high up. Usually a large conifer is my first choice. Brian and I got settled in at around 11:50 am but nothing really happened deer-wise for almost seven hours. We had two bear come in three different times. Then at 6:40 pm, the only deer we saw all day, the unicorn buck, came up the downwind draw. He stood behind a bushy tree for several minutes assessing the situation. I grabbed my Carbon Express arrow, tipped with a Shuttle Broadhead from my Fuse quiver. I saw his tail flicker so I drew back my Hoyt Bow and the arrow came to a familiar place on my Trophy Taker rest. He stepped out. I picked a hair and put my Trophy Taker pin just behind his shoulder and then pulled the trigger on my Scott release. The arrow flew off. I felt he was hit a little back but still mid ship. We looked for the arrow after waiting an hour but found no blood so decided to come back in the morning, seeing it was getting dark.  


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