37 game cards turned in. Members took 40 whitetail bucks, 44 whitetail does, 3 black bears, 2 coyotes and 1 turkey.
Animals were taken in 7 states and 2 Canadian providences.

Bronze broadhead award for 5 big game animals
Brian Young
Ryan Billiel
Matthew Chabot

Gold Broadhead award 15 big game animals
Tom Cardoza

Hall of Fame award 20 big game animals
Robert Soares
Rick Hogge
Gerry Lemire

Lifetime achievement award 100 big game animals
Keith Regan 99 whitetail deer 1 black bear in 6 different states 1 canadian providence to include 205 lb buck in IL and a 211 lb buck in NH

James Gallagher 101 whitetail deer, 1 black bear in 5 different states 1 canadian providence
212 lb buck MA 2008 largest deer award , 211 lb buck IL 2004

Bruce Billings Award largest out of state deer award
Pat Gosselin 185 Lb 8 pt PA

Jim Boomer Hayden award largest bear
Brian Young 284 LB Blk Bear Quebec

MASS Big Deer award largest MA deer
Mark Murphy 208 lb 8 pt Holden MA

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