About The MBA

The Massachusetts Bowhunters Association was established in 1978 when a group of passionate archery hunters formed together to further their sport. Now over 30 years later the MBA has pushed into the new era of bowhunting associations. With overhaul and reorganization the MBA is pushing into an active role in the Massachusetts archery community.

The primary goal of the Massachusetts Bowhunters Association is to further the sport of archery hunting. Through legislative action, public awareness, and a show of numbers we have the ability to make change.

The MBA has contributed many important changes in Massachusetts legislation from the two deer season, the hunter harassment bill, legalizing expandable broad heads, the use of a release aid, and the extension of the archery and muzzleloader seasons.

As a new example in hunting organizations we seek to make long term relationships with vital politicians to help secure our future. Sunday Hunting, baiting bear, shorter distance requirements? Who knows what we can achieve in the new day, it is there for the taking.

As a member not only can you expect moral satisfaction for furthering your sport, you can enjoy many other benefits. Such as our monthly newsletter, awards program, annual banquet, group hunts, family days, and so many other exciting things. As Fred Bear once said “If you are not working to protect hunting, then you are working to destroy it.”

The future of the MBA has been secured by people like you and together we step forward once again into a new day.

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