The Buck of a Lifetime by Boomer Hayden

Minnesota breeds some of the biggest whitetails in the country. The land of a 10,000 lakes has large croplands, hardwoods, and swamps ideal for growing big antlers.

About 25 years ago I moved there because of work and met the man who is now PR man for Wildlife Research Center. We took some fine bucks together when I first hunted with him, but certainly nothing like the one in this story that is about to unfold.

My friend believes in setting up his stands several months before the season and just before the rut he will set up a mock scrape with a Wildlife Magnum Scrape Dripper filled with Active Scrape. He also puts out some Wildlife Research Quik-Wiks doused with Golden Estrus so he has bucks working the area aggressively. Before he enters his stand, all his clothes are washed in the Wildlife Research Laundry Detergent, air dried and vacuum sealed until he arrives at the hunting scene. Upon arriving, he unseals his bag and sprays Wildlife Research Scent Killer generously on his boots and clothing. Before he leaves the house he has used Wildlife Research Scent Killer soap and shampoo.

So he is nearly 100% or as close as you can be to scent free.On this particular beautiful November morning, as the sun started to bring a slight brightness to the horizon, does were actively feeding back and forth. He could hear grunting from several areas throughout the early morning and he felt that all the proper preparation pay off. After viewing several bucks chasing does he was beside himself. At about 10 am he heard a loud grunt from behind him and looked back over his shoulder where he noticed a huge doe run from the dense cover.

All he could see was antlers directly behind him at 12 yards but no shot. Suddenly, in a dash from the cover, the buck literally ran under his stand. He raised his Diamond Black Ice Bowtech Bow, drew back his Goldtip arrow tipped with a Thunderhead 100. As it reached its familiar resting place, he picked a hair and tried to stop the buck with a loud “aaaahhhhh”. No luck. Then again, at 22 yards, another alert as loud as he could “aaaahhhh”.

The buck stopped in its tracks. He picked a hair and released. He had a shot at the lung area only where the buck stopped, so he nailed it. The buck took off ran to the north and disappeared about 50 yards out. He saw a skittish spike buck paying close attention in the direction that his buck disappeared in and he also heard a lot of commotion at the spot. He decided to get down and peek over the hill.

There he was. The buck was dead as a rock and the biggest deer of his life as well as the most incredible hunt of his life. After getting his buck out of the woods, which was a huge task in itself, he saw that it tipped the scales at 270 pounds dressed. He grossed 171 inches Pope and Young… a beast and the BUCK of a lifetime.

My friend, we give you a high salute for such a tremendous feat and doing it with such vigor in proper preparation which results in a phenomenal success!

Guess the truth be known, Mr. Ron Bice is the man of this deer story. Congratulations, and a wish for many more stories like this one.

All the best. Straight arrows,

Dennis Boomer Hayden

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