Hunting by the Moon by Brett Homer

I know some of you have heard me say “Don’t miss hunting the evenings next week. The moon is rite for good bucks to be on the move early”. I get a lot a weird looks, some disbelievers and even a few think I’m plain stupid, but the ones that have tried (even though they didn’t get it but said “ok I’ll give it a shot”) and applied what I told them. They became quick believers and started to ask me a lot more questions so as to better understand the method,

So, if ya give me a chance and you apply a 100% honest effort? I think you each will find this concept works very well and is as important, if not more important, than your Scent Lock suit. Remember this concept is SIMPLE and works on ALL big game animals

Now just to get ya to easily start understanding how to use this method and what I am talking about… For those that take evening drives or for those that have driven around in the late afternoons looking to catch a glimpse of whitetails, have you ever noticed ( say over a couple weeks period) that you can be driving around each night and not see really anything. But then one night you start seeing a few does. Then the next night a few more does. The next night does again, but you start seeing some small bucks as well. Then the next night a few more small bucks and the next night “WHAM” ya see some slammers. The next night a few more slammers and then the next night NOTHING? It is simple! When you see the BIG BOYS on their feet…..LOOK UP AND SEE WHERE THE MOON IS IN THE SKY!! I know a lot of guys are hooked on the moon phase, and not that the phases of the moon don’t dictate a few things when it comes to big game animals, but the position of the moon in the sky will dictate when Big Game animals are most active. Thus, you now know the most important times to not miss being out hunting. I use this method mainly on trophy whitetail bucks, but I have used this method successfully on black bears as well. Because I use this method for whitetails, I will explain how to simply use this concept to increase your success.

After years of using this method, I know when to start driving around looking for high levels of deer activity. When to start is simple. First: If you use/look at the chart below and then spend some time outside every evening to pay attention to where the moon is at, you will know that the moon is in a different place in the sky each night. Now, there is a time from when the moon rises to being directly overhead that deer activity is at its highest. Then again it will repeat itself 12 1/2 hrs later when the moon is in the opposite position. Why? Gravitational pull is at its highest twice within the moon’s revolutionary cycle. Understand this and you will soon know when to spend specific nights glassing. Because evening hunts is most convenient and favorable for most hunters, we will us it as the prime example. Our season in Illinois starts in October. Sunset is usually around 6:30 and it is dark by 7:00. So, when we put out our trail cams in July and start getting pics of certain big bucks, each month we start to pay attention at around 4 pm as to where (what postion) the moon is in the sky. In reference to the chart, the moon rises in the 9 o’clock positon and sets in the 3 o’clock. When I see the moon in the 1 o’clock position at about 4 pm in the afternoon? That is when I start scouting/glassing every night for about a week or two. SO, when the moon first reaches the 1 o’clock position (around 4 pm in the afternoon) start glassing EACH NIGHTuntil at dark the moon is in the 9 o’clock position (or the moon hasn’t yet risen). In that period of time, you will see big game activity increase each night and 2 of those nights you should see some early movement from big bucks. Not only do you want to look up and see where the moon is AT in the sky. But you want to mark that day down on the calendar. Why? Because the moon will make one revolution around the earth in 29 1/2 days and returns to its original position opposite the earth within only 27 days later. Thus, WHEN THE MOON IS BACK IN THE SAME POSITION THE NEXT MONTH. THE BUCKS WILL AGAIN BE ON THEIR FEET EARLY! This allows you to count months ahead to know when to definitly be there to hunt him while he is on his feet during daylight hours. As well….when you catch on to this method, You will know when to start staying later in the morning, getting to the stand a lot earlier in the evening or just simply hunt mid day. For those skeptical or too arrogant to try this? You’re missing out!!! For those that want to know more? Jeff Murray wrote a book about this method back in 1995. I got the book, read it, applied it and have been using this method ever since. Since 1995 Jeff has made 3 DVD’s on this method for those that hate to read. Unfortunately Jeff passed away last year. But you can still order his book and his DVD’s from his site This information is some of the most useful information I have ever came across while hunting. Again, I have been using this method since the book came out in ’95. Jeff offers a moon dial that will cut out a lot of work for you or for those that simply want to take the easy way out. Personally, I have no need to use the dial. Once you spend some time afield figuring out this method. You wonlt find a need to buy one. So best of luck to everyone this fall.

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