MBA Constitution and By-Laws



Article I – Name

                   This organization is herein named and shall be known as the Massachusetts Bowhunters Association.  It may be abbreviated: M.B.A.

Article II – Purpose

                   It is the purpose of the Massachusetts Bowhunters Association to be an organization whose memberships consist only of persons who are considered sportsman and bowhunter’s who vow:

  1. A.   That by reason of choice, bow hunting is their primary archery interest, and that their ultimate aim and interest is the taking of wild game by bow and arrow of suitable weights in a humane and sportsmanlike manner.
  2. B.   To share with others their experiences, knowledge and shooting skills.
  3. C.   To be a conscientious bowhunter, promoting bow hunting and the M.B.A. by working to elevate its standards and the standards of those who practice the art of bow hunting.
  4. D.   To provide, encourage and support training for others in safety, shooting skills and hunting techniques.
  5. E.   To practice the wise use of our natural resources, the conservation of our wild game and the preservation of the natural habitat thereof.
  6. F.    Uphold all local, state and Federal hunting laws.

G.  To promote the interest of bow hunting through legislative, regulatory and other efforts.

Article III – Membership Requirements

                   Membership shall be granted to a bowhunter who:

  1. A.   Has satisfactorily completed a membership application.
  2. B.   Has had the application accepted by the Sec/Treas of the M.B.A.  If rejected by the secretary, the board of directors will review and rule by majority vote.
  3. C.   Has made payment to the association of membership fees and cannot attend a general meeting until they have a membership card.
  4. D.   All new members receive a copy of the by- laws upon request.
  5. E.   Cannot belong to any anti hunting group.
  6. F.    All new members’ names will be announced in the M.B.A. newsletter.

G.  Has stated that he is in full agreement with articles II and III of this constitution.

H.  Membership – Three (3) levels of membership

  1. Regular -Valid for one year period from when they joined.
  2. Lifetime – Cost and terms of payment of elimination then will be determined by the Board of Directors.
  3. Junior Membership – (pertaining to individuals only) will consist of individuals between the ages of 12 to 15 years old with no M.B.A. voting rights.
  4. I.      Members failing to comply with the constitution and by- laws will be subject to dismissal by a vote taken by the Board of Directors of the M.B.A.

Further, the applicant shall meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Be of good moral character
  2. Use regularly in all phases of bow hunting a bow having a minimum weight of 40 lbs at your natural draw length.  Compound bows must peak at 40 lbs pull (50 lbs is suggested).

Article IV – Officers

  1. A.   The officers of the M.B.A. shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, immediate Past President and the Board of Directors.
  2. B.   These officers shall fulfill the duties that are normally implied by the titles of office and as they are empowered by this constitution and by-laws and so instructed by this document.
  3. C.   These officers will have one vote.
  4. D.   Board of Directors
    1. Power of the board.  The board of directors consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, immediate past President and the elected Board members.
    2. The Board of Directors shall have the power and the authority to and may exercise all such powers of the corporation and do or cause to be done all such lawful acts except those prohibited or required to be exercised or done by the Board of Directors and /or general membership only.
    3. The Board of Directors shall discharge such duties that may be assigned to it by the M.B.A.; shall act in emergencies and shall direct the business of the organization while the organization is not in regular business session.
    4. The Board of Directors shall be governed by the sport and purpose of the constitution.
    5. It is the duty of the Board of Directors to preserve and maintain a membership of acceptable bowhunters.

Article V – Board of Directors

  1. A.   The Board of Directors shall consist of eleven members with each one having one vote.
  2. B.   Each member shall be voted into office by the general membership.
  3. C.   A Quorum must consist of six (6) of the eleven (11) Board of Directors members being present at each Board of Directors meeting.
  4. D.   The Board of Directors shall meet as needed.
  5. E.   Failure of a member to attend two consecutive board meetings may be cause for immediate written warning and may be cause for dismissal by a vote of the remaining M.B.A. officers.
  6. F.    The Editor will notify membership in a monthly newsletter of the monthly B.O.D. attendance.

Article VI- Dismissal of M.B.A. Officers  & Filling Vacancies

  1. A.   For an officer to be dismissed from their position of office, a vote must be taken by the remaining Board of Director‘s members after the officer has had a reasonable opportunity to respond.
    1. A majority of remaining officers must vote “yes” for the officer to be dismissed.
    2. In case of a tie in voting, the officer will be dismissed.
    3. No double jeopardy.
  2. B.   Reason for dismissal can constitute any willful violation of these By laws to include any action against the M.B.A. as so written in Article II as determined by the Board of Directors.
  3. C.   If the office of a Board of Directors becomes vacant, by reason of death, resignation, or incapacity to act (which incapacity may be conclusively determined by the remaining officers); the Board of Directors shall appoint a replacement.  The replacement must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors.

Article VII – Miscellaneous

  1. A.   Advisors

Advisors may be appointed by each newly elected president.  The number of advisors shall be unlimited.  All Board of Director’s meetings may be attended by the advisors, but they will have no vote.  They will be used in their areas of expertise.

  1. B.   Discrimination

There will be no discrimination by race, color, creed or sexual orientation.

  1. C.   Meetings

Meetings shall be run by Robert’s Rules of order, when in question of our constitution, which will take first precedent, the Robert’s Rules of order will be used to help make judgments.

Article VIII – Duties of Officers

  1. A.   President

The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the corporation.  He shall preside at all meetings of the membership and of the Board of Directors.  He shall have general and active management of the affairs and activities of the corporation subject to the supervision of the Board of Director’s, and shall see that all orders and resolutions of the Board of Director’s are carried into effect.  The President shall be responsible to the Board of Director’s for the operation of the corporation.  He shall appoint standing and special committees, coordinate all activities of the corporation and initiate and develop activities of the Board of Director’s, or any other duty constituted body of the corporation. The President may also call emergency meetings of the Board of Director’s.

  1. B.   Vice President

The Vice President shall be vested with all the powers and shall perform the duties of the President in case of the absence or disability of the President.  The Vice President shall also perform such duties connected with the operation of the corporation as it may undertake at the direction of the President.

  1. C.   Secretary

The Secretary shall; attend all meetings of the corporation and the Board of Directors and shall record the proceedings of said meetings upon books of the corporation. These records shall be presented to the corporation and are subject to its approval. Upon approval these records are to be entered into permanent record and files of the club that shall be maintained by the secretary

Be responsible for all the correspondence of the club with regards to the membership and community relations

Maintain the corporations membership records which includes a list of all members including at least current mailing address, membership status and expiration date of dues cycle

Issue membership cards to all existing members upon notification by the Treasurer of dues being paid for each member’s dues period               

Issue a new member packet for all new members upon notification by the treasurer of any new member dues being paid for a dues period

For correspondence with any member within 60 days of the end of said membership dues period

Be responsible for maintaining attendance records for all official proceedings of the club. These records shall be maintained in the clubs permanent records.

Present an accurate count of the membership each month to the Board of Directors

  1. D.   Treasurer

 The Treasurer shall;

Subject to the direction and control of the Board of Directors, collect, receive record, disburse and safely keep all moneys, funds, and securities of the corporation.

Keep a full and proper accounting of all transactions requested of his/her office through the maintenance of a ledger. Said ledger must detail all debits and credits and must provide cross accountability in the form of receipts.

Shall make payments, sign/endorse and accept checks, notes and drafts on behalf of the corporation so far as authorized and under such limitations as may be imposed by the Board of Directors. All checks made in an amount over $500.00 shall be signed by any two (2) of the following; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.

Keep the seal of the corporation and affix said seal to such papers and documents as may be duly authorized by the corporation or its Board of Directors.

Submit a monthly report in writing to the Board of Directors; upon request furnish such abstracts of his/her records as may be necessary to fully exhibit the financial condition of the corporation.

Accept and secure all payments for all dues for membership. At such time the Treasurer shall notify the Secretary of said transaction.


Article VIII – M.B.A. Election Rules

  1. A.   A nomination ballot will be sent out by the Sept. newsletter or flyer during that month with a cut-off date for nominations of Oct. 1st.  Any nominations should be sent to the Secretary of the M.B.A.  No committee member shall be on the ballot for upcoming elections.
  2. B.   Ballots will be an option 250 words positions statement by each of the candidates shall be sent out in the Nov., Dec., Jan., newsletter or by flyer in these same months with a ballot return cut-off date of January 31st.
  3. C.   Procedure of the M.B.A. Ballot Tally
    1. M.B.A. ballots will be sent to the chairman of the ballot counting committee.
    2. The ballot counting committee shall count all ballots returned by January 31st and shall determine by this vote tally the new M.B.A. officers.  This Ballot Counting Committee will be comprised of two members of the Board of Director’s , one committee member, one area representative, and two regular members.  All must be in good standing for at least one year in the M.B.A., and approved by the majority of the Board of Directors.  The Ballot Counting Committee will elect its own chairman by majority vote.  The ballots will be counted at the February monthly meeting.  The returned ballots will remained sealed as they are mailed to the chairman of the Board and they will be opened and counted at the February monthly meeting.
  4. D.   Terms of Office
    1. The officers of the Board of Directors of the M.B.A. starting in 1996 to be voted in by a majority of the general membership for two (2) year terms.
    2. The remaining Board of Directors of the M.B.A. starting in 1995 to be voted in by a majority of the general membership for two (2) year terms.
  5. E.   Qualifications for M.B.A. Officers:
    1. Board of Directors of the M.B.A.

To be nominated candidates must have been a member in good standing for two years and served and served on a committee or M.B.A. function.

  1. President, Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer

Must have been a member of the Board of Directors for one (1) year and/or an area representative for two (2) and/or a member in good standing for five (5) years.

Article IX – Editor of the Newsletter:

  1. A.   It shall be the editor’s responsibility to compile and compose a monthly newsletter.  The newsletter should be educational and as entertaining as possible.  The Mass Bowhunters (newsletter) should contain bow hunting information of the highest quality.
  2. B.   All money received from anything pertaining to the M.B.A. newsletter will be forwarded to the Secretary/Treasurer of the M.B.A.


Article X – Duties of Area Representatives

  1. A.   Duties:
  2. To represent the M.B.A. policies in their areas
  3. To speak for the M.B.A. at civic meetings, schools, public wildlife meetings, hearings, etc.
  4. To be in contact with the M.B.A. members in their areas for the purpose of hearing their complaints, opinions, comments, etc., and to pass this information on to the M.B.A.
  5. To take surveys of the M.B.A. itself, wildlife regulations, etc.;

Also member’s opinions concerning the M.B.A. itself.

  1. In cases of emergency to contact members in their area to warn of critical situations concerning the M.B.A.,  the wildlife commission, our hunting rights, etc.; (Note: To contact and warn means by use of letters and by use of telephone if necessary).
  2. To promote and defend the M.B.A. and bowhunters in their area.
  3. To work for new members, each representative shall have one major membership drive per year.
  4. To pass along news items concerning the M.B.A. and bowhunting to newspaper and radio stations in their areas.  To respond to anti hunting comments, etc.,that is made on radio or in newspapers in their areas.
  5. To send in information, stories, comments, pictures, etc.; in time for publication in the newsletter.
  6.  Upon request or on a quarterly basis, to send a report to the President of the M.B.A. concerning their work in their areas.  This report is to be passed on to the Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
    1. B.   Dismissal of an Area Representative

The President shall send a warning letter the first time the representative fails to complete his duties as outlined above.  A copy of this letter shall be sent to the Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer will be notified immediately and a copy of the dismissal letter will be kept on file by the secretary.

Article XI – Revision of the Constitution

  1. A.   To change an M.B.A. By –Law, one must first get signatures from fifty (50) present members on a petition.  This petition must then be submitted to the Board of Director’s for approval.  Once approved, a ballot must be sent out to the entire membership.  The proposal will then be decided upon by a majority of the returned ballots of the general membership with a cut-off date of returned ballots sixty days from the date of the original mailing.
  2. B.   The secretary shall be required to include with each ballot mailed, a copy of the amendment, revision or alteration.  Application shall be counted as provided herein for the counting of election ballots.


Article XII – M.B.A. Chapters

  1. A.   Chapters must consist of ten or more bowhunting members.  Western Chapter, Central Chapter, Eastern Chapter.  See Chapter application, for further information contact the secretary.

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