2010 Awards



There were 42 game cards submitted  totaling 78 big game animals which included:

40 Whitetail Bucks, 31 Whitetail Does, 6 Black Bear, 1 Mule deer, 5 Turkey’s, 1 Coyote.

Animals were taken in MA, PA, NH, NY, CT, RI, CO, AL  and 2 Canadian Providences.

Three bucks from PA, NH, MA went over 200 lbs.  Keith Reagan 210 lbs NH, Robert Young 217 lbs PA and Gary Barnaby 243 lbs MA.

Bronze Broadhead Award 5 Big Game Bow Kills

Regina O’Connor

Anthony Gardner

Gold Broadhead Award 15 Big Game Bow Kills

Gary Walker

Mark Goodwin

Brian McCarthy

Brian Fillebrown

Hall of Fame Award 20 Big Game Bow Kills

Tom Schelling

MBA Special Recognition Award P&Y

Gary Barnaby 158 2/8” 11 PT buck shot in Andover, MA

Sportsman of the Year Award

Mike Urban

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