What is the M.B.A. Awards Program?

It is the M.B.A.’s way of recognizing members who successfully harvest a big game animal with a bow & arrow by the rules of fair chase. 


  1. Deer must be dressed weight (empty cavity)
  2. Bear must be live weight (not dressed)
  3. A separate weight slip along with a big game card is required to make an animal eligible for the Big Deer or Big Bear Award.  The weigher must sign the card.
  4. Any animal that officially scores and is entered into the Pope & Young club is eligible for a special award.  To be eligible you must submit a copy of the official measurement sheet signed by a Pope & Young scorer.
  5. All Big Game cards must be submitted on line or by mail no later than Jan. 7th  following the date of the kill.

Plaques are awarded at our annual Banquet as follows:

Bronze Broadhead Award = 5 big game animals

Silver Broadhead Award = 10 big game animals

Gold Broadhead Award = 15 big game animals

Hall of Fame Award = 20 big game animals

Lifetime Achievement Award = 100 big game animals

Special awards are given each year for:

The Jim “Boomer” Hayden Award- Largest Black Bear by weight

The Bruce Billings Award- Largest Out of State Whitetail Deer by weight

The Big Deer Award- Largest Whitetail Deer taken in State

Pope & Young Special Awards- Any animal that is officially scored and entered into the P&Y

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