2012 Awards

SILVER BROADHEAD AWARD: Presented to PAT GOSSELIN in recognition of Ten Bow Killed Big Game Animals

“BRUCE BILLINGS” BIG DEER AWARD: Presented to Dennis “Boomer” Hayden in recognition of his 147 lb. 8 Pt. Buck bow killed in Minnesota

JIM “BOOMER” HAYDEN BIG BEAR AWARD: Presented to DAN HENNEBERRY in recognition of his 328 lb. Black Bear Sow bow killed in Nova Scotia, Canada.

LARGEST MASSACHUSETTS DEER AWARD: Presented to DAVID OLIVEIRA in recognition of his 227 lb. 8 Pt. Whitetail Buck bow killed in Assonet, MA.


JOHN BARNABY – Whitetail Doe – Massachusetts

ERIC POIRIER – Whitetail Buck – Massachusetts

ROBERT DALTON, JR – Whitetail Buck – Massachusetts

CHUCK FERNALD – Whitetail Buck – Massachusetts

FRANK TOCCO – Whitetail Doe – Massachusetts

DAN HENNEBERY – Black Bear Boar – New Brunswick, Black Bear Sow – Nova Scotia

TOM CARDOZA – Whitetail Buck – New York

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