2013 Awards

LARGEST MASSACHUSETTS DEER AWARD: Presented to BRIAN BARNABY in recognition of his 208 lb., 8 pt. Whitetail Buck – MA

JIM “BOOMER” HAYDEN BIG BEAR AWARD: Presented to REGINA PECCE in recognition of her 269 lb. Black Bear – NH

BRUCE BILLINGS BIG DEER AWARD: Presented to PAT GOSSELIN in recognition of his 165 lb. 9 pt. Buck – CT

GOLD BROADHEAD AWARD: Presented to JAMES BILLIEL in recognition of 15 Bowkilled Big Game Animals

HALL OF FAME AWARDS: Presented to PETER NORMANDIN, RICK MURPHY, & GARY WALKER in recognition of 20 Bowkilled Big Game Animals


BOB AMARAL: Black Bear Sow – Maine, Whitetail Doe – Pennsylvania, Blue Wildebeest Bull, Red Hartebeest Bull, Gemsbok Bull – Africa

BRIAN BARNABY: Whitetail Buck – Massachusetts

GARY BARNABY: Whitetail Buck & Whitetail Doe – Massachusetts, Two Whitetail Does – Pennsylvania

JOHN BARNABY: Whitetail Buck – Massachusetts and two Whitetail Does – Pennsylvania

JIM BILLIEL: Whitetail Doe – Vermont

KRIS BILLIEL: Two Whitetail Bucks – Massachusetts, Black Bear – Canada

MIKE BILLIEL: Two Whitetail Bucks – Massachusetts

PAUL BULLOCK: Two Whitetail Bucks – Massachusetts

DOUGLAS COCHRANE: Whitetail Buck  & Whitetail Doe – Massachusetts and Whitetail Doe – Rhode Island

MATT CORNELIUS: Whitetail Buck – Massachusetts

BRIAN FILLEBROWN: Whitetail Buck – Massachusetts

MARK GOODWIN: Black Bear Boar – Canada, Whitetail Doe – Rhode Island

PAT GOSSELIN: Whitetail Buck & Whitetail Doe – Connecticut

DENNIS “BOOMER” HAYDEN: Whitetail Buck – Prudence Island, three Whitetail Bucks – Massachusetts

GERRY LEMIRE: Whitetail Buck – Pennsylvania

RICK MURPHY: Two Whitetail Bucks – Massachusetts

PETER NORMANDIN: Two Whitetail Bucks – Massachusetts

REGINA PECCE: Black Bear Boar – New Hampshire

SEAN POWER: Black Bear Boar – New Hampshire, Black Bear Boar – New Brunswick, Tom Turkey – Massachusetts, Two Whitetail Bucks & Five Whitetail Does – Massachusetts, Whitetail Buck – New York

KEITH REGAN: Two Whitetail Bucks & Whitetail Doe – Massachusetts, Two Whitetail Bucks & Whitetail Doe – New Hampshire

JOHN SETTERLUND: Whitetail Doe – Massachusetts

CODY UNDERWOOD: Two Whitetail Bucks – Massachusetts, Whitetail Buck – New York & Whitetail Doe – New Hampshire

GARY WALKER: Two Whitetail Bucks & Whitetail Doe – Massachusetts, Whitetail Buck – Pennsylvania

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