Membership Drive


Our new secretary, Ed Conolly, is heading up a membership drive forum. Ed can be reached at 774-212-5636 or We have over 300 sportman’s clubs, archery shops, taxidermists and other related vendors. Our goal is to have at least 60 area reps visit 5 -10 clubs, shops or vendors each with our newly printed posters and membership boxes. Each area rep will be responsible for visiting their 5-10 clubs, shops or vendors a couple of times a year to make sure that the poster is in a visable position and the membership box of applications is kept full. If you are interested in becoming an area rep, and helping us with our membership drive, please contact Ed at the above email or phone number or myself at 800-BOWHUNT. We need to increase our membership now more than ever with the Sunday Bowhunting Bill now at the house for a vote and the anti’s fighting us stronger than ever. Membership numbers speak If you will be at our banquet, we will be kicking off the Area Rep program and you can pick up your kits there. Thank for your support. All the best. Boomer


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