Remembering Mike Urban


The MBA lost a longtime friend and dedicated member recently. This is the passing of a good man and he will be missed. The first link below tells a bit about Mike and the second contains photos of his funeral.

“….I am deeply saddened to hear of Mike’s passing.  I’ve had the priviledge of meeting some great people in my 20+ years with the MBA and Mike was at the top of the list.  I had not seen or talked to him in some time, but I will tell you that he was probably one of the best hunters I’ve ever met.  And he was humble about it.  And generous about it as well….offering to show others the way.  Mike understood that an organization like the MBA takes all kinds and appreciated different people with different skill sets…..even ones who might not be close to as good a hunter as he was, but were as willing to sit in a meeting or attend a hearing as they were to sit in a tree stand…..
Ken Brown

“Mike was a Ground Pounder for many years and former Board of Directors member and one of the best hunters you’d ever meet. Please say a prayer for Mike and his family.”
Danny Teague